Glossary M

  • Matins
    The prayer of the early morning, or sometimes of the middle of the night. Essentially consists of psalms and readings (the Bible and spiritual authors). In several monasteries, matins takes place at the end of the day and is then called vigils.

  • Monastery
    Generic term given to house where monks live. Monasteries can be abbeys or priories.

  • Monastic profession
    Commitment to the monastic life, sometimes called take one’s religious vows. This commitment is at first temporary and then definitive.

  • Mousty
    Victor Mousty (1836-1876) was born in St Hubert. He was a clerk of a lawyer in Namur up to 1860. Then he was engaged in the papal army and led the first Belgian detachment to Rome. He became a lieutenant. In 1868 he came back to Belgium and took an interest in charities. He was taken on by the Desclée family in Tournai. They put their confidence in him after the capture of Rome in 1870. In 1874 he founded the newspaper “La Croix” in which Joseph de Hemptinne invested money.